Photo by Andy Holzman


Photo by Andy Holzman

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Sorry to bother you. Just curious about the text messages, because some people don't believe they are fake. Do you have any sources backing up what you heard? Thank you, it'll really help get the truth out.




I’m afraid to write about it because some of news are fake or wrong (or even talk about it.) However, the last text which is about the conversation between a girl and her cousin was fake for sure. (The one below)


She tweeted her insincere apology, she wrote, “the liar should leave” then deleted her twitter account. It’s pretty spread right now, so everyone knows about it. Other than this, I can’t find a exact evidence. I read the information from official Korean Police twitter account; they said some texts are fake so we need to be careful. Right now, we can’t figure out which is wrong and which is right. Even it’s hard to believe Korean news articles. So sad and pathetic. But please don’t stop praying for South Korea. We still have hope. 




Please stop reblogging the text message posts because it’s impossible to know for sure which ones are real and which ones aren’t. It’s disrespectful to spread the works of fakers without knowing for sure. 

Thank for your links! Please stop reblogging the posting.


What really bothers me about the lack of character development and complexity of Mindy/Min-Dae, Park’s mom, is that her story is considered not important to be written about. Even by her own son’s narration. 

My mom’s not the same generation as Mindy, but she did come to the US from Korea. My mom was the second youngest and is the only one who left Korea for a life in the US with a man (my dad is also Korean) she’d known for a month. Without a college degree or any real plans of a job, she bought into the whole ~*American Dream*~ and it definitely was not at all she expected. I always saw English study books, English CD-Roms, and English/Korean dictionaries around the house growing up. My mom even owns a Korean version of Strunk and White’s “Elements of Style.” She used to read all the mangas I’d borrow from the library to practice. 

My mom told me that she learned how to cook Korean food when she got the US. She had nobody to teach her. She basically cooked from memory and the ingredients she found at the tiny Korean market—which is why it’s kind of hard to teach me because it’s all from her own trial and error process. 

She talks about her life in Korea, but there are a lot of things I learned much later. There’s plenty I don’t know. 

And even though life has not turned out what she thought’d be when she was 25, my mom is not some bitter person. She continuously pushes me to try new things and seize every opportunity I get. 

So it’s really frustrating to read Eleanor & Park and see Mindy reduced to this two dimensional character. To a character clearly based off racist tropes and stereotypes. 

It’s sad to see Park not have an actual relationship with his mom. From what I remember, it’s very surface level. Yes, there were/are times when I get frustrated with my mom and wished she could speak English. Didn’t stick out as much. Especially when I was a teenager. But that kind of feeling was always followed up by guilt since I knew it was an unfair expectation. 

There could have been so much more to this story. And yet the author squandered the chance. 

Why was Park half-Korean? Just because? Then why not just make Park white? Why specifically Korean? Considering the story really could have been the same if Park was a white kid (because white kids bully other white kids and be outcasts and have parents who are lovey dovey). Really, the author could have made Park a white kid and there would be no difference. 

The only answer I can conclude is that it’s fetishization. 

I don’t want, nor need, that kind of representation. And especially so in Young Adult. 


This is important:

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